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8469 Atlee Road - Mechanicsville, VA 23116


Fellowship: 10:15 - 10:45 AM 

Worship: 11:00 AM


Greetings!  And welcome to Trinity Christian Church.  Whether this virtual visit is your first time here, or you have been here a long time, we are happy to welcome you here today.

Trinity Christian Church is a community of followers of Christ.  We gather together out of a desire to know Christ and to walk with him in his way.  We have found that Christ is with us in a special way when we are seeking him with others, so it is a joy for us to share the life of faith together.

We share the life of faith in a variety of ways.  We worship together, pray together, study together, serve together, eat together, grieve together, celebrate together, and swap honest stories together.

If you desire to share the life of faith with us, or if you are simply curious about faith, we welcome you.  We welcome all, as Christ has welcomed us.


Pastor Jonathan

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